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Fort George G. Meade Museum
George G. Meade dedicated his life to the service of the U.S. Army. He fought hard and gave much to his country during his military years. To honor this upstanding pillar of America's military elite, the town of Fort Meade has dedicated this museum to his memory and those men who fought with him. There are hundreds of artifacts, historic documents, and timepieces from the days of the Revolutionary War. There's a famous tribute to the brave POW's, or Prisoners of War, that is definitely worth seeing for history buffs.

National Cryptologic Museum
This is the only place where the National Security Agency and the everyday civilian can touch palms and look each other in the face. The National Security Agency being one of the foremost leaders in the United States Intelligence Community isn't always so quick to give away any secrets. At the National Cryptologic Museum, all secrets that the NSA can give away are on display for the entire world to see. A visit here is sure to be informative, fascinating, and even surprising.

Federal Hill Park
Bring a picnic and the kids for a day of outdoor fun and play in this beautiful public park. The trees are famous for being the best climbing trees in Maryland and the harbor gives a peaceful vibration to the air. For a date night, a family outing or to spend some quiet alone time, the Federal Hill Park is the perfect spot on the map.

Heavy Seas Brewing Company
The Heavy Seas Brewing Company is one of the few places in Maryland where you can tour an actual brewing plant and then enjoy the finished product afterwards. Tours are ongoing throughout the day and if you aren't in the mood for the lecture but would rather skip right to the good stuff, head in here for a ice cold, tasty beer made right in the heart of Maryland.

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse
This pillar of nautical brilliance and guidance was first lit in 1855 and was home to a living lighthouse keeper until 1949. Now it is open to the public and full of interesting artifacts and historic photographs. During the regular business hours there is always someone on duty to tell visitors all about the Lighthouse's history and meaning. This is one of the last free public landmarks and attractions in the U.S. and a great place to take the family or explore on your own.

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